Sunday worship in Zambia
Sunday morning worship in Zambia


Zambia is a country that has been torn apart as a result of AIDS, and as many as one out of ten children are now orphans. Churches are seeking to deal with this problem while continuing to win their fellow citizens to Christ.

The ministry in Zambia has three main areas of concentration which address the needs of the time and culture.

  • Large Evangelistic Meetings: Once or twice each year, the team works with visiting evangelists to plan big evangelism events, with up to 30,000 people attending. Many have come to know Christ through these events. In addition, smaller events are held on a continuing basis throughout the year in different parts of the country.
  • Training Conferences: The need for sound biblical training is great. The Zambia team works with local churches to organize training events to equip pastors and church leaders, many of whom are leading large churches with no formal theological education.
  • Orphans: The problem of HIV/AIDS has left many children orphaned at an early age. The Zambia ministry does not have big resources to address this problem, but they are sponsoring orphans to be cared for and attend school as funds are available.






Protestant 75.3%, Roman Catholic 20.2%, Other 4.5%