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A Faith-Promise

Nov 08, 2018

There are times in life that gifts can be expected – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, but sometimes they come out of the blue, unexpected and yet appreciated all the more. With... Read More

Keep Going

Oct 19, 2018

The Journey It was intricate, wobbly and a long journey. Military outposts were stationed in different locations along the road. No sign of distress. Simply humming the hymn, “I’ll go... Read More


Oct 05, 2018

INFINITY is a summer youth camp ministry of AFCI Ukraine. This year, 2018, the camp had an entirely new leadership team that had been formed during the past 12 months.... Read More

Two groups of European women with FOH

Doors Open in Europe

Jun 21, 2018

From May 9th to 22nd, Barbara Hanak and Susan Bonas had the opportunity to travel to Europe, sharing FOH’s first course, Becoming a Godly Woman (Titus 2:3-5).  They met with... Read More

Pica leading a discipleship group

Mission to Moldova

Mar 13, 2018

In March, 2018, the AFCI Romania team will be traveling to the Moldova Republic for a ministry tour. Moldova shares a border and a language with Romania. Even though the... Read More

Horse in Trailer

Trust My Ways – A Testimony

Feb 12, 2018

God has been teaching me about Himself through my horse, Lady, as I’ve learned to put her on a trailer.  From her perspective, she has to go into a dark,... Read More

FOH International Update

Dec 13, 2017

Walking into 2017 the Focus on the Heart International team had some big dreams and goals they wished to see accomplished. Regular communication with donors and women interested in FOH... Read More