Where We Work

AFCI projects span 4 Regions and 22 countries.

AFCI has national ministry teams on every major continent. The ministry does not send missionaries, but works through visionary leaders already living in the countries where they minister. To see active projects taking place globally or in a particular region or country, choose from the selections below.

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AFCI works in nations around the world. Most ministry is initiated at the country level by the national team from that nation. This is because AFCI recognizes that national teams have the ability to understand... Read More

Church service in Africa

Africa & The Middle East

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, in land mass and population. Over one billion people live on the continent. The Gospel has spread rapidly across Africa, and... Read More

Cristo Redentor School

The Americas

The Americas Region extends from Canada to South America. Ministry is carried out in large cities as well as very remote areas, all aimed at accelerating the spread of the... Read More


AFCI has been working with countries in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 60 years. The work has resulted in planting churches, training pastors and next-generation leaders, ministering to women, and... Read More

House church in Spain


Europe was formerly the biggest mission-sending continent in the world. Now, most nations in Europe have turned away from the church and promote a secular approach as the answer to mankind’s greatest needs.... Read More

Construction Continues in Peru

On January 18, AFCI’s Charlie Hanak will be taking a mission’s team from Pender United Methodist Church to Peru for ministry. The team will work with AFCI Peru and will... Read More