AFCI works in 22 nations around the world. Most ministry is initiated at the country level by the national team from that nation. This is because AFCI recognizes that national teams have the ability to understand the culture and build ministry that is best suited for the local people of that country.

Some ministry initiatives start at a global level to benefit AFCI’s teams and local churches around the world.


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The Journey It was intricate, wobbly and a long journey. Military outposts were stationed in... Read More

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Emerging Leaders Training in Barcelona


Having completed two years of very profitable training for emerging leaders in Asia, in the summer of 2017 AFCI will hold its first of two Emerging Leaders Training conferences for delegates... Read More

Leadership Development in the Philippines

Asia-Pacific, Philippines

Focus on the Heart (FOH) has been expanding its reach to women over the last three years in the Philippines. They now have teams of national FOH leaders that are facilitating FOH... Read More

Building Next Generation Teams 2018


For years, AFCI has been building effective teams of nationals in countries around the world. A hundred years ago, most missions efforts were aimed at sending missionaries from developed nations... Read More

Women Leaders in India

Asia-Pacific, India

Conditions are not easy for women in India. They are often abused by family members or deserted by husbands. If they find themselves widowed or divorced, they are generally rejected by society. Our... Read More