Vehicle for Nigeria Evangelism

Vehicle for Nigeria Evangelism

The main vehicle that has been used for the evangelism ministry in Nigeria needs repairs costing $6,000 to be able to continue driving it.  That is the bad news.

The good news is that the Notre Dame Sister’s Home Catholic Mission has a used vehicle with only 14,000 KM they are willing to sell to AFCI for only $8,700.  They purchased a 2010 Toyota Highlander in 2012 and have used it for the past two years.  It has been well maintained and there is no way to get a price like this on any other vehicle in Nigeria.

The amount of $4,000 has already been raised and sent to Nigeria to make the first of two payments.  The amount needed to finish payment by mid-December is $4,700.

Can you help us complete the purchase this 2010 Toyota Highlander?  The picture above shows what we would receive; only the color is different.

14000 KM — Selling price: $8,700