The AFCI team in Romania
The AFCI team in Romania

Team Monthly Support

Supporting a national team in another country can not only advance the a national ministry there, it can open an opportunity for you understand what God is doing in places you may never have a chance to visit yourself.

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Current Projects

Building Next Generation Teams 2018


For years, AFCI has been building effective teams of nationals in countries around the world. A hundred years ago, most missions efforts were aimed at sending missionaries from developed nations... Read More

Slovakia Team Support

Europe, Slovakia

The AFCI team in Slovakia is expanding with two new graduates from Matej Bel University. Samuel and David Cekov both graduated in June 2015 with Bachelor Degrees in Theology.  This is the... Read More

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Pacific Islands Team Support

Asia-Pacific, Pacific Islands

The ministry of AFCI Pacific Islands is seeking to raise additional team support. They have a vision of providing not only more training for pastors in Fiji, but now a door is also... Read More

Spain Team Support

Europe, Spain

The team in Spain is launching out with a new vision requiring additional monthly funding to meet the needs of staff support. Until recently, Samuel Santos, the National Director, has... Read More