Samuel Santos, Spain National Director

Spain Team Support

The team in Spain is launching out with a new vision requiring additional monthly funding to meet the needs of staff support. Until recently, Samuel Santos, the National Director, has been pastoring a church started by AFCI Spain. The intention from the beginning was to find a pastor who would take over this responsibility from Samuel so he could work in a wider way across Spain. This has now taken place, and the additional income to support Samuel’s wider work is needed.

Several volunteers are in place to work with Samuel in this new ministry thrust and support for Samuel’s family as well as support to operate the national office is now needed. In the coming months, Samuel is looking to link with existing partners in Spain and the USA to develop the additional support needed to run the ministry and lay a platform for its expansion. He will be visiting the USA in October to connect with friends and meet new friends.

If you would like to meet with Samuel during his visit to the USA, please contact the International Office to learn more about his schedule.