St. Vincent Radio Ministry

by Veral Blake, St. Vincent National Director

How it Began

I was appointed as the National Director of AFC St. Vincent in 1979 with responsibility of not just a national but also a regional ministry. There are approximately 40 million inhabitants in the Caribbean region extending from the Bahamas in the north to Trinidad and Tobago in the South, including hundreds of islands large and small. These islands are separated by bodies of salt water washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and speak four major languages: English, Spanish, French and Dutch, along with several local dialects.

My concern was how to reach these islands separated by water with limited air and sea transportation. We began praying and seeking God’s guidance and the answer we got was by way of radio broadcasting. God does some incredibly strange things as only he can do. I never had any experience in radio broadcasting. It was foreign to me. In addition, I never perceived my voice to be one of radio quality. However I decided to listen to God and give it a try. There was only a single radio station on the island and it was government controlled.

In fear and trembling I set up an appointment to meet with the manager who was a Christian. She did not ask me whether I had experience in radio. She promptly agreed to give me a time slot of 15 minutes each week on Monday afternoon 3:45-4:00 pm. All she requested was that prior to the start of the program I come to the studio to do a rerun or a sample. That was in February of 1980. The program was named “Ambassadors for Christ Radio Broadcast” as a promotion of our organization and ministry.

What it has Become

Shortly after we launched the AFC Broadcast the manager called me to her office and expressed concern that there was not a local program specifically geared to children. She offered me a half hour slot for free if I would produce a program for the children. I graciously accepted the offer and in 1981 the “Children’s Radio Bible Club” got started at 6 pm on Sunday afternoon. Both the Ambassadors for Christ Broadcast and The Children’s Radio Bible Club are still being heard on the National Broadcasting Corporation. (NBC)

Since starting this ministry:

  • We have built our own recording studio;
  • Extended to 15 stations in the Caribbean region reaching an estimated 15-20 million people in the region and hundreds of millions through the web;
  • Purchased the technology to upload our programs to multiple stations.

Our programs now include:

  • A three minute devotional called “Morning meditations”
  • A five minute religious commentary called “ View Point”
  • A 15 minute Bible teaching/ evangelism/ known as “ Ambassadors For Christ Broadcast”
  • A 30 minute children’s program “ The Children’s Radio Bible Club”

The Need and the Impact:

Our desire is to get our programs on another 10 stations at strategic areas. This will increase our radio outreach to 25 stations covering the entire English speaking region. For every $300 per month in additional support, we can expand to one more station. If we have $3,000 more per month, we can get on all 10 stations.

Our programs have open great doors for us in the region. I have received invitations from churches to speak, not only in St. Vincent, but also across the region. Recently we received a call from someone in Canada and another from Australia who listened to the programs from a station on the web. God has given me a unique voice which identifies me wherever I travel in the region. This given me many opportunities to interact with persons and witness, even at airline check-ins. The impact of the radio ministries on the nation relating to adults and children has so impressed the government that they have bestowed a special honor by making him me a “Justice of Peace,” a position of high regard in our country.