Building Next Generation Teams 2018

For 71 years, AFCI has been building effective teams of nationals in countries around the world. A hundred years ago, most missions efforts were aimed at sending missionaries from developed nations to evangelize those in less developed nations. Now, the momentum has shifted toward the support of nationals who have a much better ability to reach their own homelands for Christ.

In 2015, AFCI embarked on a new phase of training for our AFCI teams around the world under the banner, Emerging Leaders Training. The ultimate goal is to build stronger and more effective national teams for the next generation. The next step involves adding new members to existing teams as we also launch teams in nations where AFCI has initiated training but does not have a physical presence. To do this, we need your help.

cost-comparison-01The average support needed for a missionary family sent from North America is $10,338 per month. Contrast this with the cost of supporting one AFCI national family at an average of $1,500 per month. This means that 7 AFCI families could be supported in ministry for the cost of supporting one family from North America in the traditional model of ministry!

Our desire is to expand several AFCI national teams around the world and start new ones. To do this, we need partners to help build a Team Partnership Fund so we can immediately engage new team members as they are identified. Out of this Fund, we want to provide the salaries of those selected for the first three years. This will give them time to integrate into the AFCI ministry of their nation and begin building a longer-term financial support base. Many current AFCI team members have been with AFCI for over 30 years, some even longer. So, an investment up front will have a long-term impact.