AFCI Jetro Training in Cuba

The Cuban Communist Party has shifted recently in their view of the church. Raúl Castro, in a 2015 televised news conference, discussed Pope Francis’s September 2015 visit and said, “I am from the Cuban Communist Party that doesn’t allow believers, but now we are allowing it.” Castro also indicated he might return to being a practicing Catholic and that he would attend the Masses that the Pope celebrates in Cuba.

After praying for two years for God to provide an opportunity, we are now able to say that we have an open door to provide training in Florida, Cuba through Instituto Jetro. Pastor Eduardo has invited us to give a seminar about Leadership for 60 pastors and leaders of various churches. We are planning for a week of intensive training and believe that this could be the beginning of a three-year program where various teams will travel to Cuba to continue the training.

Cuba has a great need for theological and practical training of pastors to enable them to better lead their churches. The AFCI Instituto Jetro team has 35 years of experience in ministry and looks forward to interactively sharing ministry essentials with many young pastors in Cuba. By partnering with the Cuban church in this training, our desire is to expand their ability to reach out and minister in wider ways to the Cuban people.