Funeral Service in St. Vincent

Tragedy in St. Vincent

By Veral Blake, St Vincent and the Grenadines National Director
Jan 30, 2015

The funeral of the five students who died in the terrible school bus tragedy in an area known as “Rock Gutter” here in St. Vincent, took place this past Sunday in the village of Fancy where they resided. It was undoubtedly the largest funeral that has taken place in our country. It is estimated there were close to ten thousand people who attended.

funeral-serviceThe funeral service was carried live by media nationally and internationally and was held under a huge tent in an open field. The service lasted close to six hours and consisted of praise & worship, tributes from the various schools which the students attended, from their immediate families, as well as the minister of Education, the Parliamentary Representative of the area, the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader as well as other individuals.

The service was conducted by Bishop Melford Pompey of the Spiritual Baptist Arch Diocese along with several other religious organizations. I represented the Evangelical Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Ambassadors For Christ. I led the opening prayer and also performed the internment. The internment took place in a brand new cemetery which was opened to facilitate the sad occasion and mass funeral of the three males and two females ages between 13-17. Two female students are still not found but presumed dead.

Fancy is a small village where everyone is family. All of them were related to me, including the driver and conductor . Our prayer is that this incident will bring about a spiritual transformation in the village, our country as a whole, and the schools where the students attended. We spent a lot of time in the village along with many other trained counselors providing assistance and hope.

Pray for the village of Fancy and the recovery of those who have been seriously injured.