Thirty-Five Years / Thirty-Five Churches

Jan 20, 2018

In 2017 AFCI Pakistan celebrated 35 years of ministry. The ministry has been built on training up local pastors and evangelists to work in their villages to plant a local church and minister to the surrounding community. After 35 years of ministry, 35 churches have been planted in different places across the country. The largest church is over 300 members and the average church size is 60 members. Thousands of people have come to Christ over the years, and looking back there is much to celebrate.

Sometimes planting a church comes with opposition. Recently, in one village the local believers started to build a church building and were stopped when some people of the area came and opposed the construction of this church. The local believers were not influential and they did not want to get into a quarrel when the police came to stop the construction work.

After much prayer, one believer who was working for a landlord told his master that they have been harassed and had to stop the construction. God gave a soft heart to this landlord and he talked with the group of people who were forcing the believers to stop the construction work. The landlord has influence and contacts with government authorities and used his influence to allow the local believers to build the church. Now this church building is in progress. The hall is big enough with space for 60 to 70 people. The roof, plaster on the walls, paint, and electrification work is still required to make it usable.