Selected Pastors Training Event in Nigeria

Terrorism and the Gospel

Mar 16, 2016

We read and hear so much in the news these days about the terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapping young girls, persecuting Christians and responsible for thousands of deaths in the wake of its violence.

Christianity, though, is alive and well in Nigeria! There is currently a powerful move of God in that nation, and Nigeria National Director, Samson Olushola, together with his wife, Sarah, and his team of evangelists, has a strong and fruitful ministry. He says of his team, “We covenant with God to be God’s hope for our nation as the Holy Spirit enables us in preaching and reaching our nation for God.”

Two primary aspects of AFCI Nigeria’s ministry are evangelism and the training of pastors and other church leaders. Both of these take place in areas of Nigeria where terrorist threats are common place.


In December 2015, a 2-week evangelistic event was held in the small village town of Biada. In anticipation of the tent meetings, many neighboring churches saw attendance at their prayer meetings double as a sense of urgency and spiritual hunger filled the people. Rev. Olushola says Biada Community will never be the same.

Despite dusty heat and a fuel scarcity, people flocked to attend. Blessings showered down as 674 people received Jesus Christ and salvation. There was a widespread conviction of sins among the participants leading to a new-found, profound willingness to surrender all to Jesus. One elderly lady saw 14 family members receive Christ. Another woman in her 70s received Jesus as Savior and exclaimed, “I have waited 22 years for someone to tell me how I could receive the Savior, and now He’s mine!”


Two one-week long “AFCI Nigeria Christian Workers & Leadership Development Training Seminars” are held each year. It is crucial that Christian leaders of newly planted churches receive theological and discipleship training. Among new converts, traditional beliefs including ancestral worship and fetishism can are often combined with new Christian doctrine. Proper training is critical to overcome this syncretism.

The picture above was from a seminar held in February with participants coming from central Nigerian states, all eager to learn. In October a second church leadership training seminar will be held in southern Nigeria.


In a recent e-mail, Rev. Olushola said, “We are not afraid; nothing will separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:32-39 is being recited every day. We will not retreat or surrender.” Won’t you join in supporting the ministry of the courageous AFCI Nigeria team?

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