Wally praying during a youth meeting in Ukraine
Wally praying during a youth meeting in Ukraine

Summer in Ukraine

Nov 21, 2017

AFCI Ukraine experienced a summer of growth, training, and outreach across the nation. From graduate students to un-churched youth, the team reaches a cross-section of their society that is as wide as the distances they travel.

One of the main ministries of the team in Ukraine is preaching and teaching in local churches. A founding principle of AFCI was providing solid, biblical teaching in local churches. Today, our national teams still consider this to be a priority. As Wally Vasylovych, AFCI Ukraine National Director, says,

“It is great honor and privilege to carry His truth to people in church and to those who are searching for truth.”

This commitment to teaching spills over into ministry to students and youth. In June, Wally organized a special event at the Chernivtsi Bible College for current and graduate students which focused on eschatology. Later, the team organized Camp Infinity for over sixty youth, many of whom do not attend church. Many were introduced to the Gospel for the first time.

The summer also included a baptism service for new believers from two churches, including one planted by Wally and his team last year.

Upcoming Ministry

The coming months will be busy with:

  • Evangelistic Youth ministries
  • Teaching at the Bible College
  • English clubs
  • Training and seminars for church leaders all over Ukraine
  • Participating in the R500 movement – outreach all over Ukraine celebrating of 500 years of the Reformation

You can learn more about Wally Vasylovych, AFCI Ukraine National Director.