Slovakia team takes Balkan Road Trip

By Pavle Cekov, Slovakia National DIrector
Aug 24, 2015

Yesterday we returned from a two week Balkan Mission trip. I led our team of 8 young people from Slovakia and we traveled with two cars. We were able to conduct evangelism events in 8 places in my home country of Macedonia and then crossed the border into Greece for a few more days. On our way back to Slovakia we also evangelized in Serbia.

During the trip we saw 56 people come to the Lord from different nations: Macedonian Orthodox, Macedonian Muslims, Gypsies, one Greek Orthodox, one Orthodox from Podgorica, Monte Negro, two Serbians, and 4 Slovaks in Padina Serbia. They included youth, children and others. We did evangelism mostly on the streets and some churches. In Serbia for two days we had evangelism in small sport stadium. Please pray that the Lord will bless those who heard our message.