Short-term Mission Trip to Slovakia

By Hayward Paul, AFCI Ministry Representative
Sep 01, 2016

This year the purpose was to present the Good News – the Gospel – to children in Slovakia. For the past seven years, this is what we have done. This year there were 16 of us from the USA – some from Purcellville Baptist Church in Virginia, some from our home church – Community Bible Church of Beaufort, SC, and a couple of great friends that serve with AFCI in Atlanta – Steve and Sarah Watts.

We think we are making a real impact on this small city in Slovakia. There are several young leaders who had come through the program in the past. There are several youngsters who have been with us before that are emerging as leaders. As soon as the announcement is made about the camp in Slovakia many immediately signed up – the reputation of the program is very good. We had 80 children this year including 15 young teens. After “school” we went with our AFCI leader Pavle Cekov to some of his ministry areas – one, the “old folks home” where people are “on the last train.” We encouraged them, gave them the Good News, and hands went up when we asked if people accepted Jesus as Lord.

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The VBS program for the 7-12 year olds was about The Flood. The Slovak leaders put on a hilarious skit, and even not knowing a word of Slovak, we Americans were howling at it. Teachers, crafts and activities were all a real hit with the children.

We had some “sword drill” with the teens – a game where the teens had to quickly find a verse in the Bible – one guy was consistently very quick. Another point made by the teen teacher was the glass in the middle of the table – likening it to our Christian life – we tend to move to the edge of the table – what happens? Off we go…crash. Five teens raised their hands when they acknowledged receiving Jesus as Lord. We know more are thinking.

Ahh, the last day with the parents, at “graduation.” Of course they got to hear The Gospel – and one of our young team mates gave a compelling testimony. Helpful. Clear. Inspiring. Providing hope.