Reaching Cambodian Soldiers

Jan 13, 2017

Barnabas Mam, who spent many years as a political refugee and prisoner in Cambodia, is now reaching into that same community with the Gospel. Barnabas is working to show these officers and soldiers a clear demonstration of the love of God.

Barnabas and his team recently visited the base at Srok Preah Net Preah:

“We traveled a long way to visit those officers and soldiers on December 9, 2016 because we love them as Jesus has loved us. The love of Christ impacts our thoughts and attitudes, our words and our communication, our behavior, actions, and ministry. Each time I lead my ministry team and partners to visit them, I sense we are warmly welcomed. Our message is warmly received, and our gifts are sincerely appreciated. I am so thankful to the Lord for sending us there to touch the lives of many in Srok Preah Ne Preah with the love and Gospel of Christ.”

Ministry among the military in Cambodia is expanding as senior officers see the results of AFCI’s ministry. On July 26, 2016, a mission team led by AFCI will leave for two weeks of ministry in Cambodia, including a scheduled visit to this military base. If you are interested in joining this mission trip, you can read a full trip description for more information.

Click on any picture below for a slide show of the visit to the military base.