Samson Olushola, National Director

Nigeria “Motherless Babies Home”

By Samson Olushola, Nigeria National Director
Apr 25, 2015

On behalf of 82 churches: 12 of us who are leading/senior ministers were nominated to visit a “Motherless Babies Home” with offerings we collected for them. We bought toiletries, powdered soap, powdered milk, packets of rice, popcorn, chocolates, biscuits and snacks, and chin-chin (a fried snack popular in Nigeria made of sweet, crunchy, donut-like baked or fried dough). All these were donated on behalf of Christian ministries from our neighborhood. Photographs were restricted for security reasons.

These children are born of destitute, young girls from unwanted pregnancies. The babies are often thrown away at the roadside, left in car parks, or inside dustbins. Once found, they are turned over to the Environmental and Sanitation officers where they make their way to the “Motherless Babies Home.” It is a very sad scene where we are seeking to bring the love of Christ and offer hope.