Missionfest Manitoba

Jan 04, 2016

AFCI’s Asia Director, Barnabas Mam, will be speaking at Missionfest Manitoba from February 5-7, 2016. Every year Canadian churches from the region gather to consider what they can do to further the mission of Christ around the world. AFCI’s Canada Director, Brian Hamilton, is on the organizing committee, and this year the committee is focusing on places in the world where the Gospel has been in conflict. Barnabas will speak about the years he spent in a concentration camp in Cambodia during Pol Pot’s despotic rule of Cambodia.

After the terrible years of conflict in Cambodia, Barnabas started a church planting movement that has led to over 400 churches being planted across the country. To read more about Missonfest Manatoba and view an interview of Barnabas, click on Barnabas’ picture below . . .