Mission Trip to DRC

By Hayward Paul, Ministry Representative
Sep 04, 2015

In the hands of the AFCI national director Dr. Nguway Kadony and his AFCI partner Pastor Emery Mpiana, our faithful translator, two of us helped conduct a conference for church leaders as well as preaching in five different churches in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The messages centered on the pure Gospel, justification and sanctification, being created for good works, which comes after Salvation, not part of it! We were told that the Gospel gets mixed in parts of Africa and there is a need to ensure that church leaders understand the Gospel according to the Bible. There were times for questions and they were few but good. The hand of God was on us, and the Spirit of God was within all of us, and His Word came through us clearly and strongly.

Don Brant from my home church, Community Bible Church of Beaufort, and I were on this mission from August 13-23. Don, a retired business man and engineer, now a farmer, has lived and worked internationally and was a great asset. He is a ministry leader, leading a weekly prayer meeting at the church.

After the conference we traveled four hour into the bush country. We went through rough terrain, past some copper mining areas, through some small villages, and even a motorcycle ride to a very large plot of farmland – 800 acres. Dr. K is hoping to procure this and use it as farmland, and for production of charcoal and bricks. He has a big dream that proceeds from the land will help grow the ministry while feeding some locals and providing materials and work for others.

Nguway & Kathy Kadony

We praise God for the AFCI leadership in the DRC and the tremendous impact they are having, not only in Lubumbashi, but across the country. We thank the Lord for this opportunity for being with this great family led by such a fine scholarly yet practical Christian leader and his dear wife, Kathy, who is such a leader and servant in her own right.