INFINITY 2018 campers and leaders


Oct 05, 2018

INFINITY is a summer youth camp ministry of AFCI Ukraine. This year, 2018, the camp had an entirely new leadership team that had been formed during the past 12 months. The results of the camp were clear as many lives were changed.

Twenty-three campers from both Christian and non-Christian families were part of INFINITY 2018. The Lord powerfully used the whole camp experience – leaders, speakers, program and warm family atmosphere – to impact the lives of these young men and women. At the end of the week, the speaker set aside 20 minutes for each camper to be alone and consider their life and their relationship with God. When the time was over, several of them committed their lives to the Lord.

One bright young man, Andrian, shared his personal experience with the AFCI Ukraine team. He described himself as a man of science and said that before the whole concept of God’s existence seemed strange and unscientific. By the end of the camp, Andrian’s heart had been changed and his doubt had turned to faith. He now attends church and a small Bible study group, and is involved in the F5 youth ministry. In a conversation about a week ago, Andrian shared that he is planning on being baptized and that God, the creation, the two Testaments are the truest and most logical things that he has ever studied.

We are very thankful to the Lord for His mighty hand and the work He has done – and continues to do – through INFINITY and the F5 youth ministries.