If Not Me Then Who

Nov 11, 2015

jhla-purcellvilleAs the keynote speaker for the world missions dinner at Purcellville Baptist in Purcellville, Virginia, Jimmy Hla (National Director of AFCI Myanmar) shared the challenges and rewards of ministering in his homeland. Political unrest, government elections, financial uncertainty and the daily needs of over 100 students at the Monsoon Bible College keep Jimmy and his team dependent on the prayers and support of ministry partners like Purcellville Baptist.

The theme for the world missions conference this year was “If Not Me Then Who?” The church encourages all its members to be involved in missions through prayer, financial support, and going on short term mission trips. Many of the 21 missionaries supported by the church shared not only the difficulties they face, but also the excitement of seeing God change lives – from Latin America, to the Middle East, to China, and the United States. Building on the theme of the conference, as he closed his message, Jimmy asked,

“Jesus promises to be with us all the time. So, I don’t pray and ask Jesus to be with me. I just pray that I will go wherever He leads me. If Jesus is your shepherd and you are His sheep, do you obey His voice and follow Him?”

Jimmy will be touring in the United States for next few weeks. If you are interested in having a national minister speak at your church or missions conference, please contact us.