Heart Freedom – Atlanta, GA

Oct 16, 2017

On a rare brisk August morning in Atlanta, a group of 11 women met together to grow deeper in relationship with each other and Christ.  This weekend the Heart Freedom courses concluded with Part 3.

“This course was integral in learning better how to hear the voice of God.  Already He has spoken such wonderful truth to me!”

This was just one of many responses to the weekend and the three parts as a whole.  Though the women in this particular group are not from the same church, stage of life, circumstances or background, all 11 came together to share their hearts and grow in their relationship with Christ.  They experienced the joy of hearing God speak personally, through appreciation prayers and interactive journaling. Their joy was then enhanced by sharing what they heard with other group members.  The discussion-based course brought a new appreciation for setting aside time to hear from the Lord and share their reflections with other women.

“The weekend afforded me a platform to look at myself more correctly in God’s eyes.  This allows me to have a closer walk with Him and to connect with others (even non-believers) throughout life in a deeper way.  I saw how the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and the church community can fill the edges of my life.  They create a safe place to share and know the Lord more fully.”

Many of these women will continue on to become facilitators and trainers around the world.  They will partner with women in all stages of life and walk with the Lord, growing closer to Him.