Young student in Pakistan
Students attending one of the GROW training classes

GROWing in Pakistan

Oct 16, 2017

These days, life is very busy and everyone is pursuing their hopes and ambitions. We want to increase our wealth, knowledge, and skills, but we often don’t seek to grow in Biblical knowledge with the same excitement.

In 2016, AFCI Pakistan started the GROW program to:

  • Make the Gospel relevant to the world
  • Glow with the Radiance of the Word
  • Enable believers to reach Out the world
  • Grow in the Wisdom through the Word

Spiritual life is a continuous walk and every believer has to grow in Biblical understanding, theological comprehension, and spiritual discernment. Accordingly, GROW is designed to help Christian people in remote areas reach those goals where they have no access to formal Bible schools.


GROW consists of eight courses which last three month each: Salvation, Bible Survey, Prayer, False Teachings, Christian Ethics, Developing the Youth Ministry, Preaching, and Biblical Leadership Development. The AFCI Pakistan national team evangelists work with local pastors to conduct this program in churches around the country. There are now four training programs in different cities.

The AFCI Pakistan evangelists systematically teach these eight courses. As a result, in July 2017, 20 students from 3 different centers completed the course and passed their final exam. Their high marks demonstrate an eagerness to study the Word, as well as make an impact on their nation for the Gospel.

Please pray for these young people that they may keep growing in wisdom and become mature followers of Jesus Christ.