Leaders listening Intently during the Jetro training in Cuba

God Knew We Needed This

Feb 28, 2016

No glass in the windows meant the sounds of the horse carts, trucks, and street vendors occasionally drowned out the speaker, but forty local church leaders listened intently and took pages of notes during the first Instituto Jetro Leadership training seminar in Florida, Cuba. The first two weeks of February, 2016 will have a lasting impact as these men and women return home having refined their vision for ministry across the island of Cuba.

“I am truly excited as the event exceeded my expectations and has renewed my passion and commitment to the service of the Lord.”

After landing in La Habana, the three members of the Instituto Jetro team, led by Eugenio Berruezo of AFCI Spain, traveled by road 12 hours south to the city of Florida. Together with Pastor Eduardo Leyva of the Templo Maranatha ICPC church in Florida, they conducted a week of intensive Leadership Training classes and workshops for pastors and church leaders from all parts of the country. Each day had five sessions, as well as an evening meeting that was open to the community. Despite the busy schedule, everyone came to sessions on time, wanting to learn as much as possible. One of the only complaints on the feedback forms was that there was not enough room in the notebooks to take more notes.

The three years of planning and prayer that were invested in this program produced far greater results than we could have imagined. Each of the pastors expressed their thanks and assured us that they would put into practice what they had learned.

The conference was so profitable that the Instituto Jetro has been asked to return as soon as possible to Cuba to continue their Leadership Training seminars. They are already considering a return visit in December 2016 to train senior church leaders and regional directors with the ICPC.

“God knew exactly how much we needed this. You have not even left yet, and we already miss you. You will always be in our hearts. God bless you for coming! Safe travels, and come back soon.”

We look forward to seeing the fruit of this ministry for year to come. Thank you to everyone who partnered with in this project.