FOH International Update

Dec 13, 2017

Walking into 2017 the Focus on the Heart International team had some big dreams and goals they wished to see accomplished.

  • Regular communication with donors and women interested in FOH (which is now in place)
  • Creation of informational videos about different courses developed
  • Development of leaders in the US so that courses can be taught on a more regular, predictable schedule
  • Provide avenues for National FOH leaders to become more independent in their local leadership under the help and mentoring of the International FOH team

With the addition of Ashley Wise and Scott Gardner to the International Office staff, communication with donors and website development has excelled at a rate we had only dreamed.  It is wonderful to have a need seen several years ago come to fruition.  Short informational videos are now in the making to communicate the enthusiasm and impact of the ministry on women leaders around the world.  Lastly, we now have six women in the US who have completed the courses and are ready to begin training alongside other equipped women in sharing courses.  God has brought facilitators who are equipped to begin a USA FOH ministry.

As a result of AFCI’s Emerging Leaders Conference this summer in Spain, the FOH International Leadership team enhanced the wording of their of core values – specific to FOH.  Spinning off the name of the organization they created the idea of the HEART which will become our core values to live out as we build more FOH teams.

H – Honesty
E – Encouragement
A – Accountability
R- Respect
T – Trust

International needs are steadily growing.  Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia have planned trainings for their countries in May of 2018.  Courses will continue being taught in Peru, India, Philippines, Zambia and the US.