A Faith-Promise

Nov 08, 2018

There are times in life that gifts can be expected – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, but sometimes they come out of the blue, unexpected and yet appreciated all the more. With the expected, it  can be taken for granted; with the unexpected, it can feel like being lavished with love. Then you have the added joy of getting to make plans for . . . well, the unexpected.

God often graces us with unexpected gifts. What a joy to be a part of the unexpected and have an opportunity to give to others out of the abundance of what we have received. A “faith-promise” is an opportunity to gift out of what God gifts you. It’s a promise that if God is faithful to give you more, you will invest a portion of that in what God is doing.  We are asking you to join what God is doing in Focus on the Heart. It’s an opportunity to see how God provides for those He loves, and getting to share that provision. In November we are sending out a hard copy letter, sharing about FOH and asking for you to participate in a faith-promise. Would you consider partnering with us?  If you are not on our mailing list, would you like to join what we are doing?

Send an e-mail with any questions and your faith-promise pledge to foh@afciworld.org.  Or donate directly here!