EvangelismSHIFT Continues Strong in Australia

By John North, Australian National Director
Jun 08, 2015

We just had our second of six seminars with the 70-or-so leaders at Woodvale Baptist Church in Perth, as they work to develop their own witnessing lifestyle in preparation for passing that way of life on to the congregation next year.

We had three main sessions with them and each had a real impact. On the feedback forms we asked the leaders to rate, for each session, to what extent (from 1-10) they felt that session would help them “actually change the way you live.” It was moving to Aaron and me to look at those forms afterwards and see an average response well over 8! Lord, may it be so.

At the end of the session titled “How Prayer Changes Everything”, we went into a prayer session. First, people prayed on their own about the changes God is making in their lives to help them live as witnesses. Then they prayed with the others at their tables for three people in their lives that they know God wants to reach out to through them. Then we prayed as a whole group of leaders of this church for what God is doing at Woodvale Baptist Church through EvangelismSHIFT. There was a great sense of God’s presence as we prayed together and his passion for this church came out in the prayers being prayed.

I loved hearing pastor Colin Lituri get up at the beginning of the next session and share that he believes EvangelismSHIFT will not only impact the evangelism at the church, but will help to catalyse revival among them.