Australians meet in Israel

Bold Moves Conference

By John North, Australia National Director
May 25, 2015

My coworker Aaron Daniell and I traveled to Israel to take part in the Global Youth Initiative’s global summit. You see us here with the other Aussies who were there, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. It was a strategic time, meeting with nearly 200 participants from 53 nations and many different ministry organisations, all connected by the fact that we train others in disciple-making ministries based on the life of Christ.

The conference theme was “Bold Moves” and focused in on five bold moves of Jesus in his movement building process. We then interacted about what these bold moves would look like in our own ministry contexts and what bold moves God was calling us to make.

The strategy meetings with all those from Australia were especially insightful and faith-building as we set goals and strategies in place to grow an atmosphere of disciple-making in the Australian church scene.