AFCI Trains for Multiplying Ministries

Jul 27, 2017

Multiplying a ministry does not happen without a plan.

Delegates from eight nations and three continents came together in July for the beginning of two years of Emerging Leaders training. A seminary outside Barcelona was the setting. Leaders from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Peru and Paraguay all gathered to learn principles of leadership and teamwork in order to expand their teams and make a greater impact for Christ in their nations.

Emerging Leaders from Romania

Multiplication of ministry is a key topic that is being introduced in year one and will be more fully developed in year two. Many ministries are changing lives, but few are multiplying changed lives. The vision of AFCI is to “accelerate the spread of the Gospel through local churches.”

To grow a ministry is good, but to multiply a ministry better. Sometimes we are able to multiply well, and sometimes not.  But our desire is to multiply ministry in every AFCI nation.  In Cambodia, AFCI has multiplied a church planting ministry and over 500 churches have been planted. In Peru AFCI has multiplied a small group ministry to women and over 50 groups are now meeting in churches across Peru. In Cuba AFCI has trained leaders who have already planted 350 churches.

The 2017-18 Emerging Leaders training will help new as well as older AFCI national teams strategize how to build multiplying ministries. Please pray for the 45 AFCI leaders involved in the two-year Emerging Leaders training sessions.