English Camp and Vacation Bible School, by Hayward Paul

A Six-Year Investment in Slovakia

By Hayward Paul, AFCI Ministry Representative
Jun 17, 2015

The beginning of July a team of believers will meet in Nove Zamky, Slovakia to conduct an English camp for Slovakian children. Under the guidance of AFCI National Director, Pavle Cekov, 17 Americans and 2 Romanians will join the Slovakian host team to lead the camp for 70 children. The purpose is to bring the Gospel of Christ to these children, encourage and disciple believers, and build relationships between the nations represented.

The camp is using the Answers in Genesis curriculum Camp Kilimanjaro to teach the children some fundamentals of the Christian faith in a fun way. The camp will be in English, which is fast-becoming the trade language of Central Europe. This is the sixth year for the camp, and many are returning, including some teenagers who are now part of the leadership team in Slovakia.

The camp runs for six days, and after the teaching, crafts, activities and music time is over each day, the USA and Romanian team join Pavle Cekov for some after hours evangelism and sharing sessions in neighboring towns, churches, a half-way house, and an orphanage. The purpose is to assist Pavle in his evangelistic and discipleship efforts in the area where he lives.

The Americans come from churches in South Carolina and Virginia, and the Romanians from a church in Cluj, Romania. All but two Americans have been to this camp before. They love it!