Raymond Johnson

Guadeloupe National Director

Growing up in Dominica, Raymond was influenced by a close Christian friend who kept inviting him to church, but because of his parents he was not able to make a public profession of faith. At 17 he left home and moved to Antigua to work with friends, and a year later moved to Guadeloupe. During these years he turned away from Christ and became involved in drugs and alcohol, fathering a child at age 19. That same year he gave his life to Christ and experienced a total transformation.

Now, 35 years later, Raymond has planted three churches in Guadeloupe, started a Christian radio and television ministry, and conducted evangelistic tent meetings on several of the French-speaking islands in the Caribbean. Because of the television and radio ministry, Raymond is well known throughout the French-speaking nations in the Caribbean.

Raymond is married to Viella, and they have four grown children, one son and three daughters.

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