Pavle Cekov

Slovakia National Director

Pavle met Paul Hanak (AFCI International Director) while a student in Vienna, Austria in 1983, before either one of them were part of AFCI. Pavle and Paul stayed in touch over the years after Pavle moved from Austria back to his home country of what was then Yugoslavia. Pavle pastored churches for several years and then moved to Slovakia with his Slovakian wife to head the AD 2000 Movement for Eastern Europe and run the ministry of New Eastern Europe for Christ. When the AD 2000 Movement wrapped up their ministry at the turn of the century, Pavle joined AFCI to further the missionary calling of his life.

Now serving as AFCI National Director for Slovakia, Pavle is passionate about the unsaved people of Slovakia and the entire Balkan region.  Speaking five languages, he travels throughout the Balkan states to encourage pastors and evangelize non-Christians. Pavle is an evangelist at heart, and his gift has been used by God to lead many to Christ, in personal encounters and in large evangelistic meetings.

Pavle has a BA in Theology from the Evangelical Bible Institute in Vienna, Austria, and an MA in Theology from the Evangelical Theological Seminary, in Croatia.  In Slovakia, he was one of the founders of a new Bible school in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia where he taught for 11 years, and where his two sons have now graduated. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Evangelical Theological Seminary, in Croatia.

Pavle and his wife, Irena, work together in the ministry.  They have two married sons who are also in ministry.

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