Mufid Nagib

National Leader

As a young man, Mufid came to know Christ when an AFCI team member shared the Gospel and explained that no one can earn salvation. Until that time, he believed he had to work hard at being pious and God would accept him. Mufid quickly grew in his faith and was recommended for theological training. He obtained a degree in Theology from Moorlands Bible College in the UK as well as a B.A. in Theology from Global University (USA). He is currently working on a Master of Arts in Leadership Education.

His vision for training up and developing leaders in the church has allowed him to play a huge role in the ministry of AFCI. He founded Faith Bible Institute which is now a fully accredited Bible school in North Africa. Mufid has written several Bible school courses as well as managed and published a Christian magazine.

His and his wife, Mary, have two grown children. He is an avid reader. When he is not reading, he is also quite a good cook.

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