Mark Kaoma

Zambia National Director

Mark Kaoma is a man with passion and a true evangelist! Born and raised in Zambia, he began teaming up with AFCI after attending several local and international AFCI training conferences. In the past, Mark oversaw 32 local churches as a district pastor and steward of the Gospel message. It is his full desire to serve the Lord according to the gifts that God has given him and believes that his gifts of evangelism, teaching, and translating various languages help him to fulfill the mission of AFCI.  He is actively working with local churches to jump-start revival and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an AFCI team member, Mark helps coordinate a local orphanage in Zambia, empowering and fostering youth with no parents. His wife Esther and three children all support his mission and goals. He loves to read, swim, and watch sporting events and is currently obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree with the American Mission Teams, International Affiliate School.

His education includes:

  • Victory Institute of Biblical Studies in Practical Theology, Kitwe–Zambia
  • School of Ministry with AFCI Britain
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