John North

Australia National Director

John has been a part of AFCI from childhood.  His father (Ian) was the International Director who helped establish AFCI in the USA after serving for many years as a missionary in India. John spent the early years of life in India, moved to the USA in high school, and moved back to the home of his “passport” (Australia) to reestablish the ministry of AFCI in Sydney, the city were AFCI was founded in 1948.

Prior to joining with AFCI, John was part of the ministry team at Faith Bible Church in Robins, Iowa, USA where he was the main preaching pastor. After moving to Australia, John taught courses on evangelism and preaching at various Bible colleges in Sydney. He has a radio show on a local Christian station in Sydney and is the author of “Time With God,” a daily devotional. He co-authored LifeWorks (an evangelism tool for local churches) and GrowthWorks (a study for Christians who are stuck in their Christian faith).

John holds the following degrees:

  • BA from Columbia International University in South Carolina, USA
  • Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas, USA

John’s wife Lois and four children are very active in his ministry and support his work with AFCI. You can often find them as a family camping, four-wheel driving, and surfing the beaches of Australia.

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