Joe Duthie

Asia-Pacific Regional Director / India National Director

Joe grew up on a tea plantation in south India where his father was the assistant human resource manager. With a desire to excel in business, Joe attended university, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as an MBA in Human Resource Development and Personnel Management. For several years he worked in business, filling roles as a client service coordinator, a project manager, and finally a management consultant.

Joe was called to full-time ministry through AFCI after picking up an AFCI India brochure that talked about the need for revival in Indian churches. Joe made contact and was immediately drawn to the vision. After joining AFCI, he developed a ministry to business men and women, teaching them to creatively use their business settings to share Christ in the marketplace. The curriculum he developed is now being used by business groups in several major Indian cities.

After many years of working with AFCI, Joe was appointed National Director for India and the Asia-Pacific Regional Director. He is presently functioning in both of these roles.

Joe is married to Rhoda, who is also active in AFCI’s ministry.  Joe and Rhoda live in Atlanta, Georgia with their two daughters.

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