Charlie Hanak

Americas Ministry Advisor

As Americas Ministry Advisor, Charlie Hanak brings a rich background to his leadership role. He has a broad variety of experiences that equip him in serving the AFCI nations in the region.  He has:

  • Served as a military officer in the Air Force
  • Completed a year of doctoral studies at the University of Washington in Business Administration
  • Had a career in the business world as a project manager with Electronic Data Systems and then as VP of Health Care Excellence
  • Completed an MA in World Missions and Evangelism from Asbury Seminary
  • Spent 7 years on the mission field as a missionary in Peru and Paraguay

In 2001, Charlie joined AFCI and immediately put his management and ministry experience to work in developing systems of support for AFCI’s ministries around the world.  Now, as Americas Ministry Advisor, he has not only a passion to see these ministries expand, but also a passion to open the eyes of all Christians to further Christ’s Kingdom world-wide.

Charlie is married to Chris. They have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.

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