Brian Hamilton

Americas Regional Director / Canada National Director

Brian has been actively working in full-time ministry most of his adult life, having served for over 25 years as a pastor in Canada. Through his contact as a pastor with AFCI, his passion for missions grew, and he took the step to join the ministry of AFCI in a full-time preaching/teaching role.

After serving as a member of the Canada team for several years, he was appointed as National Director for Canada. In 2017 he was also appointed to the role of Americas Regional Director and is working with the AFCI national teams in this region as they seek to win their nations to Christ.

Brian is gifted in the areas of preaching/teaching, leadership, and administration. In addition to serving as a pastor for 25 years, he has also started two successful businesses.

Brian is married to Linda and they have 5 adult children.

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