AFCI Ministry Prayer List

Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

This list contains all the current ministry prayer requests so that you can print it either to use yourself, or to share with your prayer group. Thank you for your commitment to support the ministry of AFCI in this very necessary way.


Jethro Institute Continues Training Pastors

January 14, 2019

AFCI Spain continues a portion of its ministry abroad by using the Jethro Institute Training Program with pastors in Cuba.  January 2-6, twenty-five pastors and leaders met in Florida, Cuba to receive training.  AFCI Spain’s Eugenio Berreuzo and his wife, Sarah, participated in the teaching.  Julian, from the Spain team provided music and teaching as well.  Team associate, Scott Garber taught on devotions and spiritual reflection.  Pray the Jethro Institute will continue to be effective in training leaders of many denominations in Cuba.  Pray God will grant further open doors for the Jethro Project to flourish.

Lay Leaders Receive Advanced Training

January 4, 2019

AFCI India continues a strategic ministry called the Teaching Institute on Evangelism (TIE).  The main focus of the TIE program is to provide practical training for lay people in the church.  A range of subjects are taught including the Doctrines of God, Man, Sin, Salvation, How to Evangelize, and How to Prepare a Message.  Four different denominations are taking part.  Pray for Ramesh Rana, who has become a keen leader in this ministry and pray for God’s timing as Ramesh assumes teaching responsibilities in the program.

Traveling to Teach and Preach

January 4, 2019

February 14-17, AFCI Slovakia’s Samuel Cekov and other team members will travel to Serbia and serve among some of the Slovak churches that have been established there.  One fellowship is the Gypsy church in Zvolen.  Pray that as a result of this four-day ministry, church leadership and lay-workers will be encouraged and challenged to serve the Lord in greater capacities.  Pray seekers who attend meetings will respond to the salvation message as Samuel and the team teach and share the gospel in one-on-one settings.

Church With A View

January 4, 2019

AFCI Slovakia continues its youth ministry with a focus on reaching those between the ages of 18-26.  A regional youth retreat was recently held in Banska Bystrica and 70 people attended. Pray for Samuel Cekov and his wife, Ivana as they oversee this work.  Pray also for Samuel as he has been asked by his elders to help the church further develop their view and vision for missions.

Christmas Events Open Doors

January 2, 2019

In December, AFCI Myanmar National Director, Jimmy Hla, had the opportunity to preach God’s word at 10 different churches and fellowship groups.  He also spoke at Christmas events for those in the medical field.  Pray those who heard the Word of God will be strengthened in their faith.  Pray seekers will continue to evaluate God’s teaching and soon turn to Jesus for salvation.

Missions in Manitoba

January 2, 2019

During the last week of February, National Director of AFCI Canada, Brian Hamilton and his wife, Linda, will again, this year, oversee Mission-fest Manitoba. Pray God will bring the missionaries of His choice to these events and that they will be encouraged and strengthened for ministry.  Pray the Lord will give Brian and Linda energy and insight as they govern the events.

Promoting Evangelism Shift

January 1, 2019

AFCI’s Steve and Sarah Watts continue to promote the Evangelism Shift Training Program in various countries, including the US.  The ministry is now being used at churches in Australia, Philippines, Fiji, US and soon to be, Canada.  Pray God will raise up the people of His choice to oversee these ministries.  Pray that through the Evangelism Shift program, many seekers would come to personal faith in Christ and be a witness for Him.

Training and Conducting Outreach

January 1, 2019

In February, AFCI Pakistan will conduct four days of training for 40 evangelists who will visit from various parts of the country.  Pray for Samuel Gill and his team as they teach and share essential tools for evangelism.  Pray also for Samuel as he will travel to Slovakia in April and assist the AFCI team there with training.

Eight Cities Hear the Word

January 1, 2019

In recent months, AFCI Pakistan’s Samuel Gill traveled for ministry through the cities and villages of Faisalbad, Muree, Chakwal, Wah, Azad Kasmir, Chitral, Liyya and Mirpur Khas.  Pray the many seekers who heard the gospel will soon turn to Christ.  Pray the pastors and evangelists who received training will be encouraged and wise as they move forward in ministry.

Never Too Far From God

December 18, 2018

In Velky Krtis, AFCI Slovakia’s David and Vierka Cekov are making significant inroads in ministry, and in recent days, outreach was conducted among the general populace.  One attendee felt he was too sinful to be saved, but after sharing and counseling, the man believed on the Lord Jesus for salvation.  Pray for his spiritual growth.  Pray also that the team will have good health and energy for further outreach meetings scheduled on December 21-22.

Training for Young Leaders

December 18, 2018

In recent days, AFCI Slovakia’s David and Vierka Cekov conducted training for young Christian leaders in Herbanovo.  As a result, pray the Lord would raise up additional workers for their outreach ministry, and pray many seekers would come to personal faith in Christ.  Pray also that the Lord will grant David and Vierka safety as they travel to and from ministry events.

Are You Building a Solid Foundation?

December 18, 2018

AFCI Slovakia’s Pavle and Ivana Cekov continue to work with the youth of Nove Zamky.  In recent weeks, the team held a conference for 70 young people, and the theme was ‘What Are You Building On’?  Samuel also oversees a small group Bible study that is helping a local church to grow in fellowship.  Pray for Samuel as he teaches, preach and counsels the many young people in the youth group.  Pray also that Samuel, Ivana, David and Vierka can make inroads in ministry to the college and university environment.

Outreach Ministry Scheduled

December 18, 2018

February 14-17, AFCI Slovakia will conduct outreach meetings in Kovasica and Padina, Serbia.  Pray God will bring the people of His choice to these meetings.  Pray the Holy Spirit will convince those attending that they are in need of a savior.  As a result, pray many will come to personal faith in Jesus.

Going Where Hearts are Seeking

December 18, 2018

National Director of AFCI Slovakia, Pavle Cekov, had the recent opportunity to work with the Gypsy community.  As a result, several members of that group were saved and baptized.  Pavle also spoke to the youth in Nesvady, conducted training for believers in Hurbanovo and Nove Zamky, and then, taught 30 evangelists from neighboring cities.  David Cekov and his wife, Vierka, assisted in some of these events.  Pray God will continue to open doors for Pavle to preach and teach.  Pray many people will  believe on Christ as a result of his ministry.


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