AFCI Ministry Prayer List

Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

This list contains all the current ministry prayer requests so that you can print it either to use yourself, or to share with your prayer group. Thank you for your commitment to support the ministry of AFCI in this very necessary way.


Raising Up New Leaders

February 16, 2019

As part of its continued growth, the AFCI EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry is expanding its work into the USA, and Bruce Dick has been named National Coordinator for EvangelismSHIFT USA.  Pray for Bruce as he works alongside ministry founder, John North, in further developing the ministry.  Pray the Lord will use Bruce to help equip many churches reach their communities through the ESHIFT program.

Evangelism Shift Ministry Making a Global Impact

February 13, 2019

AFCI continues to introduce churches around the world to the EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry.  The ministry is thriving in Australia, where it began under the direction of National Director, John North.  The ministry is also growing in the Philippines and in the USA.  Key leaders are being identified, and steps are being taken to begin ESHIFT in Canada, Romania and Fiji.  Pray God will continue to raise the churches and leaders of His choice to oversee the ESHIFT ministries.

National Director Set to Travel

February 13, 2019

National Director of AFCI Australia, John North, will be doing a great deal of travel in 2019.  Pray God will give him safety and energy, and pray his flights will be without incident.  Pray the Lord will watch over all resources with which John will travel.  Pray also for John as he promotes the Evangelism Shift (EShift) ministry in churches, and as he preaches and teaches at various venues.

Distressed but Not Destroyed Making an Impact

February 13, 2019

AFCI’s Pam Gardner continues to see her book, Distressed but Not Destroyed have a great effect on its readers.  Pray the 100 books recently sent to Nigeria will arrive safely.  The Chinese translation is complete and will soon be available.  In mid-February, the book will be introduced to the people of Columbia.  Pray those who read Distressed but Not Destroyed will be greatly encouraged when they come to understand how near God really is during trials.  Pray each reader will experience the Lord’s nearness as they practice the principles in Pam’s book.

Youth Ministry Adds to the Family of Faith

February 13, 2019

AFCI Ukraine continues its outreach to the youth in their city and surrounding area.  Recently, four young people placed their trust in Christ.  Pray for their spiritual growth and for efficient follow up.  Pray for Andrew and Tania Vasylovych as they assist leading in the ministry.  Youth camps have been extremely successful as a venue for seekers and growing Christians.  Pray also that the Lord would provide the funding needed to secure a much needed office out of which the youth ministry can function.

Ministering Near and Far

February 13, 2019

AFCI Ukraine has recently made several mission trips to Central and Western Ukraine and to Northern Moldovia.  Pray for National Director, Wally Vasylovych, as he oversees the entire ministry, which includes preaching, counseling, conducting evangelism and teaching courses at the local Bible college.  Pray the Lord will raise up others who will develop a heart for missions and accompany the Ukraine team on these mission ventures.

Shifting Thoughts on Evangelism

February 13, 2019

AFCI Romania continues to implement steps for the launching of AFCI’s EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry within local churches.  National Director, Pica Aghiorghiesei is seeking the Lord’s provision of two key pastors to begin the work.  Pray the Lord will provide the leaders of His choice to start the ESHIFT program in these churches.  Tentative training is scheduled for March.

Studying God’s Word

February 13, 2019

AFCI Canada continues to supply Bibles and Christian resources in Spanish to both open and closed countries.  Pray God will continue to protect the shipments and that the materials would reach their intended destinations.  Pray the many pastors and parishioners will be encouraged through these gifts and that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ as they study God’s word.

Canadian Team Seeks to Expand Ministry

February 13, 2019

AFCI Canada is planning to soon launch the AFCI EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry within the country.  Pray God would identify two key churches and pastors where the ESHIFT program can be implemented.  Pray for National Director, Brian Hamilton, as he discerns God’s leading for which churches and pastors to approach.

Campers Get Extra Encouragement

February 13, 2019

AFCI Poland recently sponsored their XTRA Camp and 70 people attended. Many more attempted to sign up, but there was not enough space, so the team already has a number folks registered for 2019.  At the conclusion of this camp, most of those attending made commitments to Christ for salvation and for greater service to Him.  Pray effective follow up and discipleship can now be done through the local church and area small groups.

Ministry for Women Continues

February 13, 2019

AFCI Poland continues to sponsor meetings and conferences for women.  Pray the Lord will bring in the people of His choice to attend the sessions.  Pray each believer will grow in faith and that that women who are seeking truth would seriously consider the claims of Christ.

Assisting Leaders in Ministry

February 13, 2019

AFCI Poland’s Marek Glodek has begun a new ministry entitled, Help for Leaders, and it is designed to give spiritual counsel to pastors and leaders who need advice in the ministry.  Pray God will use Marek and his years of background in ministry to encourage these church leaders.  Pray as a result, each man will preserver in faith and further develop the ministries to which God has called them.

Module Course Makes an Impact

February 12, 2019

February 12, National Director of AFCI Philippines, Isaias Catorce, will depart for Samar to teach their fourth module course at that location.  Accompanying him will be David Dasig of Shekinah Bible College and team member, Bob Shem.  Topics will include Homiletics and Christian Leadership.  Pray God will provide the team with safe travel, and that the 40 kilos of written Bible resources would arrive safely.  Pray the Lord will enable each student to comprehend the material and further equip them for future ministry.

National Director Visits USA

February 6, 2019

AFCI Myanmar National Director, Jimmy Hla and his wife, Hilda, are currently in the USA speaking at churches and conducting donor relation meetings.  Pray God will give them good energy and health as they travel.  Pray hearts will be encouraged in the area of missions as they speak and share how God has used them in Myanmar.  Pray the Lord would raise up additional funding for their ministry, which has at the center, the Monsoon Bible College.

Partnership in Zambia for Pastors

February 6, 2019

In March, AFCI’s Hayward Paul, along with two other teachers, will travel to Zambia for ministry.  The team will partner with AFCI Zambia’s National Director, Mark Kaoma in sponsoring two pastors training programs.  Pray God will be preparing the hearts of those leaders who will attend.  Pray the Lord will direct Hayward and the speakers as they prepare their messages and training materials.  Pray each leader will come away from these sessions with not only additional Biblical knowledge, but also be further empowered by the Holy Spirit for ministry.

Shifting Focus in Evangelism

February 6, 2019

AFCI Philippines continues to impact churches and members of their local communities through the ministry entitled, EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT).  Pray for Mel Dianges as he oversees this work.  Pray the Lord will raise up many churches who will begin to use the program, which is designed to make evangelism a lifestyle of believers each day.  Pray many church attenders will be transformed by the principles taught in the program.

Missions Trip to Peru

February 6, 2019

March 22-29, AFCI’s Rob Martin will be taking a team of 36 workers to partner with AFCI Peru for ministry.  Rob and his team will serve by working in local schools and churches.  Pray God will provide all the funds needed for the trip and that many people will come to a clear understanding of the gospel and believe on Christ.  Pray the Lord will be preparing the hearts of those who will attend the various events that are being planned.  Pray also that God would energize those workers who went on the trip so they might have a deeper burden for missions.

Community Within the Community

February 6, 2019

AFCI Paraguay continues a new cutting edge ministry on the outskirts of Asuncion.  After constructing a small building for worship, teaching and social events, several members of the local community became interested in the work being done and began asking questions.  Several children have attended various sessions, and parents are sensing a difference in their kids.  The team has also created a common garden where locals families can grow crops.  Pray as a result of this strategic outreach, many families will come to understand the fullness of God’s love in Christ.  Pray for National Director Dario Revelli as he oversees the work.

Salvation Stories Put to Music

February 6, 2019

AFCI Cambodia’s Barnabas Mam continues to impact the country through his ministry of The Potter I and II.  Stories of God’s goodness are accompanied by music and have been changing hearts and lives each month.  Pray for Barnabas as he is currently working on The Potter III.  Pray also for Barnabas as he visits the USA and speaks in Maryland churches in February.

Partnership Sees Salvation

February 6, 2019

Prior to year’s end, AFCI Cambodia partnered with World Relief in Kandal and Kampong Thom province.  As the gospel was presented, 169 people accepted Christ for salvation.  Pray for the Cambodian team as they organize follow up and visit with new believers.  Pray those who trusted Jesus will now grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ and begin to impact their family and friends for the sake of the gospel.

Holidays Heal Hearts

February 6, 2019

AFCI Cambodia had a very busy ministry schedule during the holidays.  At Christmas, 1015 children and 3,575 adults heard the gospel message through various programs and musicals.  Over 800 young people and over 1,000 adults prayed to receive Jesus as their personal savior.  Pray efficient follow up can be done through local churches and by Christian leaders and workers in the area.  Pray each one who believed on Christ will learn to trust God for each day and become witnesses of the life changing message of the gospel.

Church Planting Efforts Remain Successful

February 6, 2019

AFCI Cambodia continues its ministry of church planting and training pastors.  Their Institute of Church Planting has just begun a new semester, and 30 students from eight provinces are attending classes.  Over 300 church leaders have recently received training, and a discipleship module has begun for 25 people.  The team also provided training for members of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).  Pray God will continue to bring the people of His choosing for training.  Pray that many people will come to Christ as a result of these ministries.

Pastors Training Scheduled

January 29, 2019

February 22-26, AFCI Pakistan is sponsoring four days of training for new and senior pastors.  The event, which will be held in ‘R’, is being designed for 40 pastors and leaders.  Pray the Lord will raise the funds needed for the event.  Pray each pastor and leader who attends will be lifted up in their faith and in their Christian practice.  Pray for Solomon Gill and his team as they travel, bring messages and provide counsel for the attendees.

Light Dispels the Darkness

January 29, 2019

AFCI Pakistan’s National Director, Solomon Gill, recently accompanied his father, Samuel for ministry at ‘AJK’.  Though no church building exists there, a fellowship of believers is growing in faith and has become a great light among the community.  Pray God will protect believers in the area.  Pray the lessons taught by Solomon and Samuel will provide sustaining courage and provision for Christians living there.

Focus On the Heart Program Reaching Families

January 29, 2019

AFCI Paraguay has successfully continued their Focus On the Heart (FOH) ministry to women; and at present, 17 ladies are attending a study and prayer time each week.  At Christmas, the team sponsored a large event where 80 children and 75 adults attended.  In addition to presenting the gospel message at the event, Bibles, other gifts and food were donated to the children and their families.  Pray for Emi Monges as she leads the FOH ministry.  Many families are coming to faith in Jesus, and the FOH course, Becoming a Godly Women will take place in February.

Reaching Their Judea

January 29, 2019

In addition to reaching out within their own culture, AFCI Ukraine has the vision to assist neighboring countries in their mission endeavors and evangelism. Pray God will raise up a team of workers within AFCI Ukraine to become leaders for these mission trips and ministry events.  The team will travel to Romania and Moldova this year.


Hearts Focusing on Christ

January 29, 2019

AFCI Ukraine has the ongoing vision of conducting women’s ministry through the AFCI program known as Focus On the Heart (FOH).  Pray the Lord will raise up the people of His choosing for this ministry.  Pray that as a result, many women will grow in their relationship with Jesus and experience true and lasting deliverance.  Pray seekers will clearly understand how Christ could change their lives.

Young People Study Infinity

January 29, 2019

AFCI Ukraine continues to successfully reach out to the young people in their area.  Pray for Andrew and Tanya Vasylovych as they assist in leadership.  Pray that through their youth ministry called Infinity, God will bring many seeking hearts to Himself.  Pray also for Andrew and Tanya as they will travel to Romania in March to participate in further youth training.  Pray God will provide for their funding needs and use them in a mighty way.

Bridging the Gap for Pastors

January 29, 2019

AFCI Ukraine continues its ministry on many fronts.  In addition to teaching at the local Bible college, National Director, Wally Vasylovych, has developed a new ministry centering on Bible training for up and coming pastors.  This effort afford opportunities for younger men who are sensing a call to ministry and to church leadership to learn from experienced and serious Christians about the rigors of ministry.  Pray God will use this new program to further equip many young men as they prepare for the ministry.

Friends and Families Hear the Good News

January 29, 2019

AFCI St. Vincent recently held their New Year’s Eve service for the community, and due to the size of the crowd, rented a portion of the local community college for the event.  The team also sponsored a successful Friends and Family Sunday Service.  Pray for National Director, Veral Blake as he leads the work, on which much focus is given to church planting and church leader development.  Pray also for Veral as reaches the Caribbean Islands with the gospel through his local radio broadcasts.

Six People Receive God’s Salvation Gift

January 29, 2019

During their recent ministry trip to the Dominican Republic, AFCI Canada visited Villa Arriba for ministry.  Worship services were held and the team was able to provide new Bibles and Christian resource material to those in the city.  As National Director of AFCI Canada, Brian Hamilton spoke, six people surrendered their lives to Christ.  Local pastors are conducting follow up.  Pray for the solid spiritual growth of these new believers as they begin the journey with Jesus.

Refugees of Hope Receive Training

January 29, 2019

AFCI Canada’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic provided local teachers at the Refugee of Hope School to receive further training in teacher skills, especially in new math and writing.  Pray as a result, teachers there will be better equipped to serve their students and care for them.  Local officials are pushing to adopt a common government approved curriculum for all schools, which could put undo pressure on Christian school to absolve important core values.  Pray a resolve can be found and implemented without incident.  The Canadian team also provided books and other training materials to the Christian school there.

Christmas in Sousa

January 29, 2019

AFCI Canada continued its tradition of traveling for ministry to the Dominican Republic and sponsoring Christmas in Sousa.  In addition to serving many children, teachers and workers who perform the Christmas story in drama and music, the Canadian team sponsored a city-wide dinner for over 700 people.  Pray the young people and parents who heard the story of Jesus’ birth and the facts about His life’s work will open the eyes of many so they might come to faith in Christ for salvation.  Pray believers would use these events to further converse with friends and relatives about the gospel.

Busy Two Months for Team Leaders

January 29, 2019

In February, AFCI Nigeria will sponsor a Focus On the Heart (FOH) training program for women and subsequently, three evenings of praise.  In March, the team will host a Christian Workers and Leadership Seminar.  Pray for National Director, Samson Olushola, as he oversees these efforts and prepares for each of the sessions.  Pray for his wife, Serah as leads the women’s events.  Pray God will raise up the key people needed to assist with the programs, and also bring the pastors and seekers of His choice to attend.

Rural Pastors Not Overlooked

January 29, 2019

AFCI Nigeria is making a great inroad into the rural areas of the country through their Rural Evangelism Training.  Pray God will raise up the people of His choice to attend these training session and that through the local church, become successful witnesses for Jesus.  Pray the Lord would also raise the funds needed for training materials, equipment, medicine and a solid ministry vehicle.

Women Growing in Faith

January 29, 2019

AFCI Nigeria continues their many faceted ministry, including pastor training, counseling, outreach through drama and music and through the Focus On the Heart (FOH) ministry for women.  Pray as a result of these efforts, many women will grow in their faith and subsequently determine how God wants to use them in ministry.  Pray many seekers will come to personal faith in Christ through the FOH program.

Jethro Institute Continues Training Pastors

January 14, 2019

AFCI Spain continues a portion of its ministry abroad by using the Jethro Institute Training Program with pastors in Cuba.  January 2-6, twenty-five pastors and leaders met in Florida, Cuba to receive training.  AFCI Spain’s Eugenio Berreuzo and his wife, Sarah, participated in the teaching.  Julian, from the Spain team provided music and teaching as well.  Team associate, Scott Garber taught on devotions and spiritual reflection.  Pray the Jethro Institute will continue to be effective in training leaders of many denominations in Cuba.  Pray God will grant further open doors for the Jethro Project to flourish.

Lay Leaders Receive Advanced Training

January 4, 2019

AFCI India continues a strategic ministry called the Teaching Institute on Evangelism (TIE).  The main focus of the TIE program is to provide practical training for lay people in the church.  A range of subjects are taught including the Doctrines of God, Man, Sin, Salvation, How to Evangelize, and How to Prepare a Message.  Four different denominations are taking part.  Pray for Ramesh Rana, who has become a keen leader in this ministry and pray for God’s timing as Ramesh assumes teaching responsibilities in the program.

Missions in Manitoba

January 2, 2019

During the last week of February, National Director of AFCI Canada, Brian Hamilton and his wife, Linda, will again, this year, oversee Mission-fest Manitoba. Pray God will bring the missionaries of His choice to these events and that they will be encouraged and strengthened for ministry.  Pray the Lord will give Brian and Linda energy and insight as they govern the events.

Outreach Ministry Scheduled

December 18, 2018

February 14-17, AFCI Slovakia will conduct outreach meetings in Kovasica and Padina, Serbia.  Pray God will bring the people of His choice to these meetings.  Pray the Holy Spirit will convince those attending that they are in need of a savior.  As a result, pray many will come to personal faith in Jesus.


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