Mission Trip FAQ

Here are usual questions about going on a mission trip with AFCI. If you cannot find the information you need, please Request More Info.

Who is leading my trip?

Every mission trip is led by an AFCI staff member in partnership with a local AFCI national. This means that you will learn about your host country through the eyes of someone who has lived there all their life.

I don’t speak Spanish / Hindi / French. Can I still go on a mission trip?

Certainly. There will be translators on your trip who will be able to help you communicate if you don’t speak the local language. In most countries, many people will want to practice their English which is a great way to make new friends. We will also help you learn some basic phrases such as “Please” and “Thank You” in the local language.

I have never been on a mission trip before. Is there any training available?

Yes. Every trip includes training before you leave, orientation when you arrive in your host country, and a debriefing once the trip has been completed.

Do I need a visa?

Visa requirements vary by country and your nationality. You can learn more by visiting the Web site of the embassy of the country you will be visiting during your trip. Visa requirements will also be covered during the initial training for your mission trip.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. Each team member is required to have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before the expiration date.

I have my own travel agent. Can I buy my own tickets?

AFCI negotiates a group rate for all international travel to receive the best price. That means we need to include all team members in the package.

I have a conflict on my calendar and cannot travel with the team. Can I travel separately?

Unfortunately, you cannot travel on your own. All team members are required to travel together. Team members cannot join a team after it has started, or leave a team before the project has ended. We travel together not only to make connections easier, but also for security reasons.

How much luggage can I bring?

We recommend that each team member bring only one piece of checked baggage and one carry on. You may also want to use a small backpack as your carry on since it can be very helpful for day trips or traveling to and from your project site. If your mission trip includes travel within your host country, you may need to be able to carry your own luggage to make bus or train connections, so traveling with large or heavy luggage could be difficult. You will receive recommendations on what to pack during your trip training.

What is included in the cost?

The trip cost includes accommodation, transportation to and from your project site (if necessary), project materials, travel insurance, and other related in-country costs.

What items are not included in this cost?
  • Airfare to and from your trip destination.
  • Depending on your destination, you may need to budget up to an additional $60/day to cover your meals.
  • Optional excursions. Some trips have optional sightseeing trips that are not included in the trip cost.
  • Your recommended vaccines. We recommend a tetanus booster and a standard Hepatitis A vaccine for all trips. Please visit the CDC Traveler’s Health site to determine which additional shots are needed for your trip. Some vaccines must be received well in advance of your departure date. Be sure to have your immunization card with you during your trip.
Is the application fee refundable?

No, the application fee is not refundable.

If my application is accepted, when do I have to pay for my trip?

If you become a member of a team, you are required to make a down payment of $500 two weeks after the application deadline for your trip. The remaining balance is due before your departure. You will be given specific details during the pre-trip training sessions.

Some people can pay for their trip, others have to raise funds. I have never raised funds for a mission trip before. Can you give me some advice?

Absolutely. During your pre-trip orientation, you will receive fund raising advice and information to help get you started. You will also find trip-specific information sheets on the AFCI Web site that you can print out to give to your potential supporters.

What will I do on my mission trip?

Each trip is different and even two trips to the same country will include different projects and ministry opportunities. Our mission trips usually range from ministry to children (such as summer camps), to construction projects, to teaching English, to leading Bible studies. All of the trips are hands-on and require every team member to be involved – no spectators! Your team leader will be able to give you more information about what to expect on your specific trip.

Will I make a difference?

Absolutely! One of the great things about going on a mission trip is seeing God use you and your abilities to meet specific needs.

Will I stay in a hotel and have my own bathroom?

Some teams stay in cabins, some in dorm rooms, and others in simple hotels. Many countries do not have the facilities that you may be used to in your home country. While we always look for accommodations that are clean and safe, you may end up sharing a room and bathroom facilities with other team members.

What will the food be like?

In some locations, you will eat food that is cooked by a group of local volunteers. On other trips, you may end up eating at restaurants or in churches. In any case, you will be eating the food of your host country. For instance, in India, you will eat Indian food. If you have special dietary restrictions, it may be very difficult or impossible to find local food that meets your requirements. If you have questions, please Request More Info.

What if I get sick?

We strive to make sure that you stay healthy during your trip; however, if you get sick, you will have access to medical attention. It is always wise (and highly recommended) that you pack the standard traveler’s medical kit.

International medical insurance is included in the trip cost for every team member. Your team leader will be able to give you more information during the orientation.

Will I have Internet access during my trip to post on Facebook?

Maybe. Many parts of the world do not have easy access to the Internet, and you may have to go to an Internet café or similar business to get a reliable connection. While we cannot promise that you will have Internet access, we will let you know if it is available near your project site and how much it costs.

Can I take photos and video of my trip?

Please! In fact, if you have any great photos or video that you would like to share, please send them to us. We would love to post them on our Web site to show other people what you did during your trip. Let your team leader know if you would like to help document your trip.

Can I take my kids?

We would love to have whole families serving together on a mission trip; however, some locations and projects may be too difficult for young children. Please check the details on each project to see age limits and information specifically about children.

I don’t live in the United States – can I still go on an AFCI mission trip?

As of this time, AFCI mission trips are only available for residents of the United States.

Have more questions? Please Request More Info.