Praying for new church members
Wally praying for new church members in Ukraine


The Ukrainian ministry is focused on strengthening local churches across the country and helping them reach out to neighbors and friends. This is accomplished in several ways:

  • Lifeworks evangelism course – These materials were developed by AFCI in Australia to reach a postmodern and post-Christian generation of Australians, and thousands in Australia have come to know Christ by attending a 10 week course using these materials. The same materials are now being used effectively in Ukraine after they were translated into the Ukrainian language.  And there is a wide-open door to train church leaders across the country how to use this evangelistic tool.
  • Evangelism through English clubs – Many people in Ukraine have a great desire to learn English.  Through the teaching of English in a Christian environment, many people are coming to know Christ.
  • Evangelism through youth clubs and camps – A combination of Christians interacting with non-Christians exposes those who have never heard the claims of Christ to authentic Christians.
  • Family Life Ministry – The breakdown of the family has reached epidemic proportions in Ukraine.  By establishing  Family Camps and a Family Life ministries in local churches, families are being ministered to, and many are coming to Christ as a result of finding healing through this ministry.
  • Training church leaders in a Bible College as well as holding seminars for preachers

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