Pacific Islands

For over 30 years, AFCI has ministered in several of the major island nations in the south Pacific. After years of working among the islands, the AFCI ministries have been consolidated into a unified Pacific Island Nations (PIN) team located in Suva, the capital of the Fiji Islands.

This ministry focuses on the 16 major nations within easy reach of Fiji, comprising thousands of islands. Most of these island nations were first evangelized over 100 years ago by missionaries from the United Kingdom.

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Protestant 45%, Hindu 27.9%, Other Christian 10.4%, Roman Catholic 9.1%, Muslim 6.3%, Other 1.3%

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Pacific Islands Team Support

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The ministry of AFCI Pacific Islands is seeking to raise additional team support. They have a vision of providing not only more training for pastors in Fiji, but now a door is also... Read More