Training in rural Ghana
Training for leaders in rural Ghana


Known for its industrial minerals, Ghana is the world’s seventh largest producer of gold second largest producer of gold on the Africa continent behind South Africa. Ghana has the 9th largest reserves of diamonds in the world, and in 2007 the Jubilee Oilfield off the coast with an estimated five to seven billion barrels of oil. To date, Ghana has experienced difficulty in developing this resource.

The ministry of AFCI Ghana is focused on evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Strategically placed team members collaborate with local churches to encourage church members to be passionate in reaching the lost for Christ. In the north of the country, AFCI has partnered with other church planting ministries to see hundreds of churches planted in rural villages. The Jesus Film has been used effectively in this setting, with entire villages coming to Christ.

Training seminars and conferences are a big part of the ministry, and seeking to help pastors develop a solid Biblical theology to guide their churches has been a major emphasis in recent years. This has resulted in a three year curriculum that is being taught in a systematic way to selected groups of pastors.





Christian 71.2%, Muslim 17.6%, Other/traditional 11.2%