Training certificates given in the DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo is extremely rich in natural resources, but political unstable. A lack of infrastructure has limited development, and the country has had ongoing regional wars longer than any other African nation. The AFCI ministry is headquartered in Lubumbashi, which is a mining community. DR Congo’s largest export is raw minerals, with China accepting over 50% of DRC’s exports.

The ministry in the DR Congo is focused on evangelism and building up church leaders to effectively lead their local churches with sound doctrine. This includes:

  • Evangelistic preaching in major cities;
  • Seminars on church leadership and doctrine, especially in war-torn areas;
  • Training engaged couples how to work together to build strong marriages.

Dr. Kadony leads the ministry, and his position as a professor of International Relations at the University of Lubumbashi opens doors for AFCI wherever he travels in the country.


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Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%, Other 10%