Ministry Prayer Requests

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Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

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Current Requests

Raising Up New Leaders

February 16th, 2019

As part of its continued growth, the AFCI EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry is expanding its work into the USA, and Bruce Dick has been named National Coordinator for EvangelismSHIFT USA.  Pray for Bruce as he works alongside ministry founder, John North, in further developing the ministry.  Pray the Lord will use Bruce to help equip many churches reach their communities through the ESHIFT program.

Evangelism Shift Ministry Making a Global Impact

February 13th, 2019

AFCI continues to introduce churches around the world to the EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry.  The ministry is thriving in Australia, where it began under the direction of National Director, John North.  The ministry is also growing in the Philippines and in the USA.  Key leaders are being identified, and steps are being taken to begin ESHIFT in Canada, Romania and Fiji.  Pray God will continue to raise the churches and leaders of His choice to oversee the ESHIFT ministries.

National Director Set to Travel

February 13th, 2019

National Director of AFCI Australia, John North, will be doing a great deal of travel in 2019.  Pray God will give him safety and energy, and pray his flights will be without incident.  Pray the Lord will watch over all resources with which John will travel.  Pray also for John as he promotes the Evangelism Shift (EShift) ministry in churches, and as he preaches and teaches at various venues.

Distressed but Not Destroyed Making an Impact

February 13th, 2019

AFCI’s Pam Gardner continues to see her book, Distressed but Not Destroyed have a great effect on its readers.  Pray the 100 books recently sent to Nigeria will arrive safely.  The Chinese translation is complete and will soon be available.  In mid-February, the book will be introduced to the people of Columbia.  Pray those who read Distressed but Not Destroyed will be greatly encouraged when they come to understand how near God really is during trials.  Pray each reader will experience the Lord’s nearness as they practice the principles in Pam’s book.

Youth Ministry Adds to the Family of Faith

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Ukraine continues its outreach to the youth in their city and surrounding area.  Recently, four young people placed their trust in Christ.  Pray for their spiritual growth and for efficient follow up.  Pray for Andrew and Tania Vasylovych as they assist leading in the ministry.  Youth camps have been extremely successful as a venue for seekers and growing Christians.  Pray also that the Lord would provide the funding needed to secure a much needed office out of which the youth ministry can function.

Ministering Near and Far

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Ukraine has recently made several mission trips to Central and Western Ukraine and to Northern Moldovia.  Pray for National Director, Wally Vasylovych, as he oversees the entire ministry, which includes preaching, counseling, conducting evangelism and teaching courses at the local Bible college.  Pray the Lord will raise up others who will develop a heart for missions and accompany the Ukraine team on these mission ventures.

Shifting Thoughts on Evangelism

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Romania continues to implement steps for the launching of AFCI’s EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry within local churches.  National Director, Pica Aghiorghiesei is seeking the Lord’s provision of two key pastors to begin the work.  Pray the Lord will provide the leaders of His choice to start the ESHIFT program in these churches.  Tentative training is scheduled for March.

Studying God’s Word

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Canada continues to supply Bibles and Christian resources in Spanish to both open and closed countries.  Pray God will continue to protect the shipments and that the materials would reach their intended destinations.  Pray the many pastors and parishioners will be encouraged through these gifts and that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ as they study God’s word.

Canadian Team Seeks to Expand Ministry

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Canada is planning to soon launch the AFCI EvangelismSHIFT (ESHIFT) ministry within the country.  Pray God would identify two key churches and pastors where the ESHIFT program can be implemented.  Pray for National Director, Brian Hamilton, as he discerns God’s leading for which churches and pastors to approach.

Campers Get Extra Encouragement

February 13th, 2019

AFCI Poland recently sponsored their XTRA Camp and 70 people attended. Many more attempted to sign up, but there was not enough space, so the team already has a number folks registered for 2019.  At the conclusion of this camp, most of those attending made commitments to Christ for salvation and for greater service to Him.  Pray effective follow up and discipleship can now be done through the local church and area small groups.