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Monsoon Bible School in Myanmar

Jul 13, 2016

For many years the AFCI ministry in Myanmar has been building young people to go out across Myanmar and spread the Gospel. Each summer they hold a three month training which... Read More

New AFCI Office in Pakistan

May 31, 2016

We are thankful that after several years of ministry AFCI Pakistan now has an independent office. This is a rented building of 1000 sq feet with one kitchen, two bathrooms,... Read More

LifeWorks in Ukraine

May 27, 2016

AFCI has developed a 10 week evangelism course to be conducted in local churches. The course was originally designed in Australia, but has been used the past few years in... Read More

Training Village Pastors in India

May 24, 2016

The first semester of the seventh batch of Village Pastors Training (VPT) was organized in a small village called Zavda in Gujarat from May 2-4, 2016. Thirty-five participants are enrolled... Read More

Days of Evangelism in Pakistan

Mar 28, 2016

We just held a three day evangelistic convention. The Topic was “Cross is the Power of God.”  Three of us spoke during the three days.  Every day about 250 to... Read More

Terrorism and the Gospel

Mar 16, 2016

We read and hear so much in the news these days about the terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapping young girls, persecuting Christians and responsible for thousands of deaths in the... Read More

God Knew We Needed This

Feb 28, 2016

No glass in the windows meant the sounds of the horse carts, trucks, and street vendors occasionally drowned out the speaker, but forty local church leaders listened intently and took... Read More

Training Future Leaders in Vietnam

Jan 28, 2016

This month the Lord opened big doors for me to train eighty church leaders and Bible school students in Ho Chi Minh City as well as fifty pastors and church leaders in... Read More

Reaching Youth in Ukraine

Jan 25, 2016

We recently began work on our project of starting Youth Christian Center in our city. For the present, we started the ministry by renting a smaller hall which we hope to expand in the... Read More