AFCI Ministry Prayer List

Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

This list contains all the current ministry prayer requests so that you can print it either to use yourself, or to share with your prayer group. Thank you for your commitment to support the ministry of AFCI in this very necessary way.


Training in Samar

May 20, 2018

At the end of May, AFCI Philippine evangelist, Isachar Losbanes, will conduct Bible sessions at the Samar Training School.  Pray God will use Isachar to successfully transfer spiritual truth to each student and leaders attending.  Pray all the students will arrive safely and be energized and willing to learn.

Training Sessions Offered

May 20, 2018

AFCI Philippines has a busy ministry schedule in May.  Bob Catorce will lead the History Makers Conference for youth in Cavity City.  Melandro Dianga will oversee the next EvangelismSHIFT training sessions, and the Philippine team will also conduct training seminars in Angeles, Olonggapo and San Fernando.  Pray for each speaker as they assemble their material.  Pray the students and pastors attending will have attentive hearts to what God is presenting to them.

Focus On the Heart Training Ready to Go

May 20, 2018

May 21-23, in New Manila, AFCI Philippines will be conducting Focus On the Heart training (FOH) for women. Sessions will include the ABC’s of Care Giving and the Titus Training course.  Pray for Judith Catorce and her team as they teach the material and interact with the women.  Pray each participant will set aside past hurts and subsequently learn to heal as God intends.

Hearts Ready to Hear

May 15, 2018

May 15-27, AFCI’s Chris Hanak will be in India to provide further teaching in the Focus On the Heart Program for women.  May 18-20, Chris will teach sessions on the course entitled Heart Freedom 3, which focuses on developing a relationship with God.  May 24-26, Chris will team up with Esther and Jennitha of the India team to teach The ABCs of Care-giving.  Pray Chris and her co-workers will communicate in a way that the concepts will be easily internalized.  Pray God will grant all participants safe travel and good health during the conferences.

Focusing On the Heart

May 3, 2018

Beginning May 9, AFCI’s Barbara Hanak and co-worker, Susan Bonus, will travel to Slovakia and Romania to teach courses from the AFCI Focus On the Heart (FOH) program.  Pray the Lord will continue to bring the women of His choosing for the upcoming sessions.  Pray that from this group, God would raise up local believers to further lead the FOH ministry.  Pray also that the Lord would grant safe travel and good health to Barbara and Susan as they travel and teach the material.

A Call to Missions

May 3, 2018

AFCI’s Hayward Paul and his home church, Community Bible in Beaufort, SC, recently sponsored a mission conference that was attended by several of the AFCI country leaders who visited from overseas.  Pray God will continue to use this time away from their ministry fields to re-energize and strengthen those who attended.  Pray that as a result of the conference and small group sessions, the Lord would raise up additional prayer and financial partners for the many AFCI men and women who participated.

Walking Together with Jesus

May 3, 2018

AFCI’s Dario Revelli continues to take men through a series of training courses entitled, Walking Together with Jesus.  The lessons are adaptations from the AFCI Focus On the Heart material.  Two men that have gone through initial courses have begun to teach the material in second local church.  Pray God will continue to raise up the leaders of His choice for this ministry.  Pray for Dario as he works with the men and oversees the ministry.

Listening to the Heart of God

May 3, 2018

AFCI’s Chris Hanak recently conducted Focus On the Heart (FOH) sessions in Paraguay.  Chris taught Heart Healing, which is the final course in the series that helps women to listen to other women to in how to listen to the Lord.  Pray those who went through the sessions will continue to hear the Lord’s promptings and then carry through in ministry to others.  Pray God will raise up other women to go through the courses and eventually become leaders.

Experiencing Heart Healing

May 3, 2018

During a recent Focus On the Heart (FOH) course, entitled Heart Healing, AFCI Paraguay’s Emi Monges taught the women who attended on the topic of the Trinity.  The session very well received.  Pray that the many women who attend the FOH sessions will truly experience genuine freedom of heart so they can worship Christ and reach out to people.

From the Beginning

May 3, 2018

Through a ten-week ministry entitled Alpha, AFCI Paraguay is creating a safe environment where seekers can attend events and then have the freedom to ask questions about the Christian faith.  Pray God will use these sessions to enable many people to understand who Jesus is and what He is offering.  Pray the Lord will grant the Paraguay team wisdom and insight as they share their faith with those visiting.

Developing Church Makes an Impact

May 3, 2018

AFCI Paraguay is using land they own as the future site of a potential church plant.  At present, several local residents have observed the work being done on the property and have asked questions about future plans.   Pray God will, even now, be developing relationships between the Paraguay team and the community of seekers.  Pray many people will soon attend some of the church events and come to saving faith in Christ, even before the building is completed.

Partnerships and Progress

May 3, 2018

AFCI Myanmar’s National Director, Jimmy Hla and his wife, Hilda, recently visited the USA and had opportunities to share the ministry with a number of churches and potential donors.  Pray that the contacts made would further develop into partnerships of prayer and finance.  In addition, pray God would grant Jimmy and Hilda strength as they prepare for another semester of the Monsoon Bible College, which begins in July.  Pray the Lord would raise the funds needed to house and feed the 100 students who are expected to be enrolled.

Leadership Development

May 3, 2018

AFCI Romania’s Pica Aghiorghiesei continues ministry on many fronts.  In addition to special outreach events, his team is developing Christian leaders through weekly discipleship programs.  Pica is also training leaders in neighboring Moldova, and 15 pastors and leaders recently attended a conference entitled, Leadership for the Future.  Pray God will raise up the leaders of His choice for various ministries in the region.  Pray also for Pica as he works to train leaders from the Gypsy community.


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