Instituto Jetro

A Ministry to the Spanish-speaking World

The church in the Spanish-speaking community is growing throughout the world. However, there are not enough pastors and leaders who have been adequately trained to meet the needs of these congregations, especially in Latin America. This impacts the spiritual growth and maturity of these churches. There are training options for those living within major urban areas; however, rural pastors and church leaders have very limited access to solid biblical training.

Instituto Jetro (Jethro Institute) is designed to provide an affordable and effective training solution to these overlooked men and women in Latin America.

Instead of requiring rural pastors to travel to an urban center for training, a team from Instituto Jetro travels to the pastors for several days of intensive teaching. Comprised of pastors, speakers, and other professionals, this team provides essential training in topics such as theology, morality and ethics, and practical leadership skills. Gathering a group of leaders together within a specific region also allows the training to be focused on the unique needs and issues encountered in that area.

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Over 400 million people speak Spanish in the world today. The Jethro Institute is bringing much needed leadership training to accelerate the spread of the Gospel in this language group.

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AFCI Jetro Training in Cuba

Instituto Jetro

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