Ministry Prayer Requests

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Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

You can also view all the current ministry requests in a single list that you can print for your own use, or to share with your prayer group.

Current Requests

Twenty Years After

November 30th, 2017

Nearly 20 years ago, Ashiq was plagued by demonic forces in his rural Pakistani village.  Through the ministry of AFCI Pakistan evangelist, Haroon Masih, Ashiq came to Christ.  He has since led his family and many other villagers to Jesus, and through his work, a small fellowship has been established.  Pray God will continue to use Ashiq and the believers there to impact their town with the gospel.  Pray each believer would use their spiritual gifts to serve the Lord and effectively share Christ with family and friends.

Outreach Events Bring Hope

November 30th, 2017

AFCI Pakistan recently held an outreach convention in “O”.   With Abraham’s Faith as the theme for the daytime meetings, Samuel, Robinson, Mehtab and Emmanuel did the main teaching.  Three-hundred people attended and 23 souls came to faith in Jesus.  One man was delivered from a harassing demonic spirit.  Pray for the spiritual growth of those who trusted Christ as savior, and pray God will grant the team additional open doors for ministry.  Pray successful follow-up will be done.

Vision and Partnership

November 14th, 2017

Because they speak the same language, AFCI Romania has a vested interest in sharing the gospel with those people in the Moldova Republic.  Pray God will give the Romanian team His perfect plan to effectively make friendships and reach those people in Moldova.  Pray God will raise up the leadership of His choice in Moldova to partner with the AFCI Romanian team.

Romania’s Future

November 14th, 2017

AFCI Romania continues ministry on various fronts.  National Director, Pica Aghiorghiesei, continues training pastors and leaders from the Gypsy community, and ministry to the country’s youth is thriving.  Pray God will continue to open the hearts and minds of those seeking Him and also prepare them for future ministry.  Pray the Lord will continue to open doors for Pica as he conducts outreach and discipleship in these various communities.

Preparing for Christmas

November 14th, 2017

AFCI Nigeria continues their planning for their ministry called, Touch a Life at Christmas.  Their previous outreaches at the holidays have yielded much fruit.  Twelve team members will be involved in these outreach events as well as many volunteers.  Pray God will supply the funding needed for all the events including travel expenses.  Pray God will prepare the hearts of those who will hear the Christmas story and the good news message of salvation in Christ.

In Need of a Building

November 14th, 2017

AFCI Ukraine is seeking a location for an office space for their youth ministry.  Pray the Lord will provide the building of His choice for the team.  Pray God will provide the needed funds to cover the rental costs.  Pray that many young people will come to a genuine faith in Christ as a result of the team’s ministry to them.

Bible College Ministry

November 14th, 2017

AFCI Ukraine’s National Director, Wally Vasylovych, continues to teach the scriptures at Chernivtsi Bible College.  Pray students will develop a deeper commitment to God’s word as they study and learn the Scriptures.  Pray God will give Wally wisdom and insight as he teaches various subjects and books of the Bible.

Country Tours Open Ministry Doors

November 14th, 2017

AFCI Ukraine continues with their outreach ministry called Agape Tours. Through tours of the country and of various culturally relevant sites, the team develops friendships and eventually has opportunities to share the love of Christ.  Pray those taking part in the tours would have open hearts and minds to the gospel.  Pray genuine friendships would develop, and as a result of the tours, pray many seekers would come to a personal faith in Jesus.

Ministry on Many Fronts

November 14th, 2017

AFCI India has many ministries scheduled this month.  November 15-17, the team will conduct Village Pastor Training in Gujarat, and a youth retreat is scheduled for the 18th.  National Director, Joe Duthie, will preach in Gujarat on the 19th, and the team will conduct a one-day retreat with the Salvation Army on November 20.  Pray God will enable each speaker to present the Word clearly, and pray those  attending would respond positively to the Lord’s message.

Additional Training

November 14th, 2017

AFCI India’s National Director, Joe Duthie, recently conducted training for the team’s administrative staff in Bangalore and Chennai.  Pray each leader will continue to be strengthened in their Christian life, and experience God’s leading in life and ministry.